Brigette Suerig

Brigette Suerig.jpg

Tufts University School of Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is Brigette Suerig, and I am an incoming first-year medical student at Tufts School of Medicine (Go Jumbos!). I’m originally from Princeton, NJ and completed my undergraduate and graduate degree at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. I took two gap years between undergrad and medical school, the first to complete my masters and the second to gain work experience before heading back to school. 


During undergrad and grad school, I was focused on helping those around me as much as possible. I involved myself heavily with the local underprivileged community through volunteering as a free tutor. I served as a mentor for younger pre-med students. I participated in neuroscience and systems engineering research to help the community around me. And, I saved some time for relaxation by joining a sorority and participating in intramural volleyball. 


During my past year in the working world, I’ve continued a lot of my same activities from undergrad, but was able to gain work experience both as an ER scribe and as a surgical data analyst. I highlighted a lot of my gap year experiences in my application and believe those key points helped me stand out in my application cycle. I would love to help non-traditional students present their gap years in the most positive light possible.


While in medical school, I hope to continue a lot of the same extracurriculars. Regardless of what specialty I end up choosing, I will always continue to help those around me who need it most. I am so excited to help you achieve your dream of becoming a physician!