Brittney Chong


Weill Cornell Medical College

Hi! My name is Brittney and I'm a first year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College. I am originally from New York City, but I moved out to the Midwest for college. In May of 2021, I graduated from Earlham College, a small liberal arts school in Indiana, with a major in neuroscience and minors in chemistry and medical humanities. As a future physician, I plan on pursuing primary care and want to combat healthcare disparities through advocacy, service, and public health research. 


During my undergraduate career, I did a wide variety of activities, all of which I loved! I was a volunteer coordinator for a psychiatric hospital, acted as a health coach for members of the local community, did research in psychology and public health, and played a varsity sport, to name a few things. One of the most rewarding things I did was guide other pre-meds at my college through the admissions process. As someone who knows firsthand the importance of mentorship, I'm glad to be joining Sol Med Admissions so that we can take some steps towards diversifying the medical field. 


Outside of medicine, I love photography, and I play golf and lacrosse. Amongst my other favorite activities are cooking, eating, and travelling! I have been to over 20 countries and want to keep the count going. Other fun facts to know about me are that I am a first-generation college student and that I am Cuban and Chinese. I look forward to meeting you!