Nithya Rajeev

Keck School of Medicine at USC

Name/Quick Introduction: Hi! My name is Nithya Rajeev. I am a first-year M.D. candidate at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. I am a lifelong Trojan, having recently graduated summa cum laude from USC with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology and a minor in Forensics and Criminality.


Honors/Recognitions: University Presidential Scholar and Scholarship Recipient (2016-2020), Albert Fisher Scholarship in Science (2019), Renaissance Scholar Distinction (2019), Dean’s List (Fall 2016 to Fall 2019), Elected Member – Phi Beta Kappa (2020), Freshman Science Honors Distinction (2016-2017), National Merit Scholar and Stipend Recipient (2016-2020)


Current School: Keck School of Medicine of USC


Schools Applied to/Are Familiar With: USC, UC Davis, UCLA, UCSF, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Stanford, Saint Louis University, University of Arizona, Phoenix, Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University VP&S, Northwestern University, Emory, University of Cincinnati, Hofstra University, NYU, Kaiser SOM, Dartmouth, Brown University, Boston University, Mayo Clinic Alix, Georgetown University


Experience (Clinical): Research and exposure to the medical field were defining features of my undergraduate career.


I engaged in investigations regarding the efficacy of health accommodations for spina bifida patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I also served a clinic peer counselor for these transition-aged patients with disability, and was able to observe the role of every member of an interprofessional health care team. I also volunteered in the pediatric division and Women’s Health Center of Eisner Health, a low-income clinic in Los Angeles County. Lastly, I have extensive experience shadowing health care professionals, ranging from a thoracic surgeon to a primary care specialist and pathologist.


Additionally, I have conducted research at the Small Molecule Discovery Center at UCSF and OneSkin Technologies. In these capacities, I was able to investigate potential therapeutic targets for various neurodegenerative diseases and discover the effect of various synthesized compounds on senescent skin cells, respectively.


Experience (Non-Clinical): My non-clinical endeavors have been just as impactful in my journey to medicine as my clinical endeavors have been – I am a strong advocate for holistic experiences. One of my most impactful collegiate involvements was through an organization aimed at mentoring local LAUSD students in various STEM concepts. I also enjoyed being a published columnist for my campus daily newspaper, where I explored various issues on campus and how we as a community could unite to improve. Furthermore, I served as a mentor for peers taking advanced science classes, and built on my knowledge of the law and public health through courses for my academic minor. Since graduating from college, I have devoted my time to being a trained crisis counselor for an online platform, and a mentor for those preparing for the MCAT exam and/or medical school applications.


Hobbies: I have been an avid tennis fan and player for more than half my life, and I understand the impact sports can have on our individual journeys. I also love to be outdoors – hiking, biking, you name it! You can always catch me with a pen and my journal – writing is a large part of my life, and I have actually been working on a dystopian fiction novel for some time now. Recently, I also adopted an interest in knitting and painting; quarantine has seen plenty of paint-by-numbers and scarves for donation J



Why Medicine for me?: As a physician, I get to wear multiple hats and impact my community at every level. As a doctor, I will be a teacher – educating my patients on healthy habits and guiding my recommendations with discovery. I will also be an advocate, by being a proponent for beneficial public health policies and always being a voice for my patients. Lastly, I will be a storyteller. The first line of my personal statement read, “Life is literary, and words are our greatest medical allies” – this is my philosophy!


Areas of Expertise for Personal Statement Skills: My background in writing and editing stems from my experience as a journalist throughout high school and college. I view the personal statement as a story, and every great story requires work from the ground up. Whether it’s creating an outline, or editing a draft for word choice and flow, I am willing to help. I am eager to help you discover your unique story, and guide you through the process of expressing this in 5300 characters!


I understand how stressful the medical school application process can be, and it is my goal to facilitate your transition from an aspiring doctor to a medical school candidate.