Wesley Gong

Keck School of Medicine at USC

Hi! My name is Wesley and I'm an incoming medical student at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. I was a first-year transfer student from UC Santa Cruz and began my pre-med journey at USC as a Human Biology major. Though EMT work and research were defining moments of undergrad, I decided to focus the bulk of my time on teaching and mentorship. In my third year at USC, I founded a freelance tutoring operation that focused on providing personalized instruction to students who traditionally couldn't afford it. With dozens of students that I still follow today, their successes and confidence in such a program are what ultimately inspired the formation of this organization. In the same way, my students have cast the shape of my dreams as well.


Career-wise, I'm interested in pursuing an MD JD in hopes of eventually taking on a position where I can make large-scale change. I don't just want to be a physician. I aspire to be a physician who inspires others to do right by others in pursuit of building a more just world. The steps required to get there? Personally, I don't know. What I can say for sure is that I’m not ready to abandon the possibility of a brighter future. Maybe I won’t see it in this lifetime, but if I can do anything to bring us closer to fulfilling that vision, if I can do anything to give the world that hope, it’s worth it. Sol is just one of the many steps that our consultants and the rest of the team are taking to fulfill that vision.


Outside of my academic/tutoring life, I'm a huge fan of badminton, hiking, writing, and cooking. Some of my job qualifications include being unable to smile in pictures. It's my pleasure to be at your service.